Thank you for choosing Magical Felines and Crafts! Our names are Myles and Chelsea, we have lived in Twin Falls Idaho for roughly 3 years. Myles and Chelsea both have a passion for crafting and adventuring into new ways to express themselves. At this time they are making custom hand-poured candles but will eventually spread out into more directions such as bath bombs, lotions, and soaps. They also, do special requests so if you don't see a scent you like or if you think of a scent pairing that might go well together please let them know! Feel free to check them out on Facebook at Magical Felines and Crafts or their website at for current inventory and special offers. We are different, as we refrain from adding chemical additives which is why you may notice in our candles, as well as our wax, melts slight crystallization ( white clouds ) this is normal for soy-wax a lot of other companies will use soy-wax blends which use additives to cut costs as well as to prevent this crystallization or however some of these additives can be harmful or even toxic, to animals or people if inhaled directly during the heating process. We believe firmly as we are proud pet owners in making our candles not only safe for people but for animals as well so we have chosen to not use these additives. All of our products are 100% natural from our wax to wicks and even our dyes.


I'm Connie, creator of Connie's Crochet Creations. If it can be crocheted I can do it! I specialize in everyday items, such as potholders ,wash rags, beanies and scarfs but my favorites are baby items from blankets to clothes to mittens and booties. I believe every child should have a homemade blanket. If you would like something specific made you can email at


"Hi guys! I'm Alexa, the Chief Creative Officer behind olive & co. designs. We specialize in polymer clay jewelry as well as hand embroidery art. This company was born out of my most recent quarter-life crisis. No joke! I created olive & co. to use it as a tool in overcoming anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome and more. Each piece provides me the opportunity to push through negative thoughts and self-talk, creating both a beautiful work of art and a slightly more beautiful headspace. Connecting with others in the creative community gives me a platform to discuss those topics most meaningful to me - namely mental health - while hopefully providing inspiration to others struggling with the same demons. Art heals. Community heals. Join me on this journey! Part of all sales from olive and co. are donated to charities supporting women's rights and mental health."


Abstract and mixed media artist Jenna Harder currently resides in Twin Falls, Idaho. She tags her work under her nickname: VevilKnievel. Jenna believes that art is not always refined, often messy, and full of emotion. If art tells a story or makes you feel something, it has succeeded. She is striving to keep that channel of expression open and feels that each creation emphatically tells her how it wants to be brought to life.To purchase her art and see current postings, please email her directly or follow her on Facebook.


Dakota Bennett is a metal artist. She lives in Twin Falls with her mom and dad, Levi and Stacey Bennett. She has two dogs and two cats. She has been welding since she was four years old. She enjoys watching the sparks fy when she welds. She has receviced a second and a first place award in Twin Falls Arts and Soul.